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MES, established in 2009, is an elite group of former police and military officers, security specialists, highly experienced lawyers and well-trained administrators who use state-of-the-art leadership techniques.

Our main focus is on Security Guard Services, Travel and Close Protection, Corporate Events, Corporate Investigations, Product Protection, Due Diligence and Training throughout our global network of consultants. MES also advises its multinational customers and partners across the Middle East and Africa region about the best way to protect themselves against various sources of risk.

Our Services

Access Control System

 Access Control describes any technique used to control passage into or out of any area. The standard lock that uses a brass key may be thought of as a simple form of an “access control system”.

 Over the years, access control systems have become more and more complicated, Today, the term “access control system” most often refers to a computer-based, electronic card access control system. The electronic card access control system uses a special “access card”, rather than a brass key, to permit access into the secured area.

 When used within this document, the term “access control system” refers to an electronic card access control system.

 Access control systems are most commonly used to control entry into exterior doors of buildings. Access control systems may also be used to control access into certain areas located within the interior of buildings.

 The purpose of an access control system is to provide quick, convenient access to those persons who are authorized, while at the same time, restricting access to unauthorized people.

 We at Gamma use Apollo access control which is established leader in the Access Control Security industry providing superior hardware products supported by innovative software solutions.

Closed Circuit Television CCTV

Can record straight to a video tape recorder which are able to record analogue signals as pictures. If the analogue signals are recorded to tape, then the tape must run at a very slow speed in order to operate continuously. This is because in order to allow a three-hour tape to run for 24 hours, it must be set to run on a time lapse basis which is usually about four frames a second. In one second, the camera scene can change dramatically. A person for example can have walked a distance of 1 meter, and therefore if the distance is divided into four parts, i.e. four frames or “snapshots” in time, then each frame invariably looks like a blur, unless the subject keeps relatively still.

Intelligent Video Analyzing Solutions
The growing demand for more detail and the increasing number of network cameras has consequences. Skyrocketing amounts of data need to be viewed when looking for evidence or monitoring live. Bosch video analytics at the edge helps to keep data manageable.

It adds metadata to add sense and structure to your video footage at the point of capture. This enables you to stream only what’s relevant, retrieve evidence quickly and simply, and trigger alarms when needed. This eliminates the need to process hours of video data, making it easier to manage than ever before.

To tailor your solution to your exact needs, Bosch offers two different types of video analytics at the edge: Essential Video Analytics and Intelligent Video Analytics.

Fleet Tracking
Today’s satellite global positioning system, or GPS, is the basis for a technology popular with commercial motor vehicle operators in asset management — which can include vehicles, equipment and personnel.

GPS tracking allows fleet management professionals to make the best use of these assets, to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Intrusion Detection Systems
 Intrusion Detection Systems help information systems prepare for dealing with attacks. They accomplish this by collecting information from a variety of systems and network sources, and then analyzing the information for possible security problems.

• Intrusion detection provides the following: 
• Monitoring and analysis of user and system activity.
• Auditing of system configurations and vulnerabilities. 
• Assessing the integrity of critical system and data files. 
• Statistical analysis of activity patterns based on the matching to known attacks. 
• Abnormal activity analysis.
• Operating system audit.

Fire Alarm systems
Fire detection systems are designed to discover fires early in their development when time will still be available for the safe evacuation of occupants. Early detection also plays a significant role in protecting the safety of emergency response personnel. Property loss can be reduced and downtime for the operation minimized through early detection because control efforts are started while the fire is still small. Most alarm systems provide information to emergency responders on the location of the fire, speeding the process of fire control.
Safety and Security Film
From a security perspective, despite all its benefits, glass generally represents a weak link in a building’s security and integrity. It may be a hard material but it is also very brittle one, making it susceptible to break-ins, facade splintering, and airborne splinters in the event of explosion. However, HAVERKAMP has developed a solution that increases the stability of brittle glass materials by merging them with a flexible film system. This prevents dangerous glass splinters from becoming detached or glass from shattering in the frame.
Metal Detector Gates
A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. They often consist of a handheld unit with a sensor probe which can be swept over the ground or other objects. If the sensor comes near a piece of metal this is indicated by a changing tone in earphones, or a needle moving on an indicator. Usually the device gives some indication of distance; the closer the metal is, the higher the tone in the earphone or the higher the needle goes. Another common type are stationary “walk through” metal detectors used for security screening at access points in prisons, courthouses, and airports to detect concealed metal weapons on a person’s body.
Road Blockers

The road blocker is ideal as a robust alternative to a rising arm barrier and is available in widths up to 4m (increments of 500mm), providing physical vehicle control and security for an establishment.

The road blocker is constructed from heavy welded steel section to provide sufficient strength to exceed British axle load and complies with BS6571 part 4.

The road blocker is operated by a hydraulic ram with the power unit (HPU) positioned locally within an externally rated cabinet.

It comes with a push-button hold to run control as standard, however it can be customised to interface with a wide range of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements.

Tire Killer
Tyre killers are composed by heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground; they operate like an access control barrier by preventing the passage of unauthorized vehicles or allowing the exit from a supervised area. They can be installed with other access control elements (for example bollards, road blockers or gates) in order to achieve an access control check-point at the highest level of security. Many optionals items are available for in order to configure each individual system.
Turnstile Gates

Whether you are looking for optical turnstiles, full height turnstiles, waist high turnstiles, or pedestrian gates, Aventura has the product to meet your physical access control requirements.  Designed to easily integrate within your current security system, with minimal maintenance, and superior construction, Aventura™ Turnstiles are a stress free addition to any organization.

With rugged outdoor, indoor, mechanical and manual models, we possess a solution for every scenario. Our products and services meet the strictest quality standards.  We offer full consultation, installation, and maintenance services.

Mantrap Gates
The square line and small footprint of this monoblock anti-robbery booth ensure optimal installation in all settings and make it one of the company’s classic products. With its curved laminated glass panels built-in to the monoblock, the Ele 2000 – available in different versions, complemented by extra features to enhance the standard set-up – is designed to be a very versatile anti-robbery booth.
Time Attendance

The attendance system is used to monitor the attendance and movement of employees within their working hours.


There are many Time Attendance systems to choose from today, from traditional time clocks to Time and Attendance Software which offers quick and detailed access to information regarding employee punctuality, absence, and worked hours. Low cost systems like Time Vision are very affordable and simple to use. Also there is the benefit of being able to export this information to spreadsheet or payroll programs.

X-Ray Machines

 X rays are a form of radiation similar to light rays, except that they are more energetic than light rays and are invisible to the human eye. They are created when an electric current is passed through a vacuum tube.


X ray scans that show up the organs lurking inside your body are just as useful for checking bags at airport check-ins: X rays pass straight through soft materials such as leather and plastic but are blocked by the metal in guns, knives, and weapons. Typically suitcases and bags travel up through large scanners on conveyor belts, with X ray images of their contents appearing instantly on computer screens studied by security guards.