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Due Diligence Service

Companies that conduct business overseas using agents, distributors and others are faced with growing legal risks and risks to their reputations. These risks have become even more important in recent years because of increasingly complex business regulations worldwide, and increasing pressure from regulators, enforcement agencies and civil society. Therefore, Due Diligence on third parties is vital to reduce these risks.

MES fully understands that Due Diligence must be risk-based and the sources of information about a third party will vary according to the level of risk: for low risk, a simple desktop review. For medium risk, in addition to the company’s own review, there is a questionnaire to complete. For high risk, our consultants prepare screening reports or investigate specific issues.

MES offers Due Diligence services; for example, from a vendor perspective, Due Diligence covers its identity and that of its owners or key officers, potential conflicts of interest, its reputation and more generally its compliance; past incidents and own anti-corruption systems in place.